Football manager 2014 beta

Football manager 2014 beta

Anyone else having issues with the match info modules vanishing or repositioning when goals are scored? What i dont like: Will start another game tomorrow though.

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Does anyone know how to covert tactics to classic? Why they made player's names so unreadable in 3d match? Just because you lost your first game doesn't mean game is bad or you 'suck', it's because FM14 is different than any other FM game.

We hope you enjoy the Beta of FM14 and thank you to all those that pre-ordered. Reply With Quote 2.

Not to disheartened though because they are my team and i will start again with them in the main game. Well, that's because you dont know the game yet.

Football Manager beta is live

Very impressed so far. If only I can find a way to avoid the sack again in November. Follow the instructions to input your code and install the FM14 Beta.

Like you had contact with the outside world anyway. Click to order now. DarandioSamir NasriMontanaro and 15 others like this. Feels like a cleaner game with smarter briefing of key information. Also I don't get the point of the "color coded" news items. Not sure on the shadow striker postition either kinda reads like a deep lying poacher. I can't believe mnager.

Reply With Quote The thing that strikes me most is the improvements to the GUI. I have an overwhelming feeling this game is going to absolutely ruin contact with the outside world.

I am so tempted to get a pre order with beta access right now. Trying to get to grips with the tactics, can't see how to reduce long shots? Just done about 3 hours with Manchester Foltball and then i pressed a button and crashed my game.

It's not better than the previous icon based system. ebta

Download the FM14 Beta now!

Digital pre-orders Steam If you pre-ordered from Steam, then your Beta download should automatically start when you launch the game from your Steam library. Image resizer by SevenSkins. Reply With Quote 7. Not played around with training bit managre but next on list. Reply With Quote 3.

manger Due for release later this year on Mac as well as Windows and Linux, the title is now up for pre-order from a variety of retailers, including Steam. Got logos and face kits loaded in, not sure on skins, default is fuck ugly.

Originally Posted by Lee. Bloody hell' SAF Unsure what thread to post this in, can someone give me screenshots of all the Raith players?



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You commit an error. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.